New Anti-Trafficking Wing under NIA: INDIA Addressing Trafficking

1 in 6 girls were younger than 12, when they were first trafficked. 

The issue of human trafficking has spread like a global epidemic, affecting thousands of young girls and children across nations. In India, gruesome figures of trafficking are reported each day – highlighting the crucial importance of having an anti-trafficking unit that will help prevent trafficking-related crimes.

Expected to function under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Nirbhaya Fund is created to ensure women safety. A huge amount of fund has been proposed to be allocated for this noble initiative – what’s more, the Centre is also planning to construct a dedicated anti-human trafficking wing under Central Investigation Agency, like National Investigation Agency, that will only focus on filing human trafficking cases.

“The WCD (Women and Child Development) had written to the home ministry earlier asking it to create a dedicated set up within a investigating agency like NIA to probe trafficking cases and coordinate investigation into trafficking networks operating across states and beyond India,” a source from MHA said.

The WCD proposed Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill 2016 is the need of the hour. Owing to crippling trafficking statistics against the global figures, India takes steps towards building a strong, socio-economic environment where strict legal implications are to be implemented to fight off trafficking woes. The current legal system is inadequate; hence the new bill is the right solution to tackle the on-going situation.

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